Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thai Port V Muangthong very likely cancelled

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The red shirt rally continues to disrupt the football league and recent events have ensured that the game 'away' to Thai Port is almost certainly off, though we await confirmation.

The government's State of Emergency decree allows them to ban any gathering of more than five people, however this ban is usually specified rather than a blanket ban. In other words, they wouldn't, we hope, ban the football games without good reason. However, because the Thai Port game was at Supalachasalai near the red shirt rally, there would be a good reason to stop that particular game, as well as others nearby - Bangkok United, BEC Tero, Chula Utd, etc.

The only other option would be to move the location of the game, since this match was assigned to a neutral venue anyway as part of Thai Port's three game ban from using their own stadium.

For 'Thong fans feeling disappointed to miss this one, remember that the Rajpracha game at the Thunderdome still has a good chance of going ahead. Why not get down and support The Raj?

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