Monday, 19 April 2010

Next up - South China FC

South China FC, part of the South China Athletic Association (SCAA) are one of the biggest and best teams in Hong Kong. The club play at the Hong Kong Stadium and have won the HK League three times in the last ten years.

Over five thousand people attended the game between SCAA and Muangthong United in Hong Kong, and there was some discontent between the two clubs  Renee and Robert were unhappy about the hotel arrangements for the team and with the officials in the game. SCAA fans also had some grievances, as we will learn.

The club have some foreigners on their books, including an English fitness coach by the name of Frank Nuttull.

Ahead of Wednesday's match in Phuket, I asked a few questions  of Mak Chung Yin, a student from Hong Kong.


1) How long have you supported SCFC and why did you start to support them?

I've been an SCAA fans since I was in primary 4, (7 years ago), the reason I like the team is because of the great striker, Au Wai Lun, he is comparable with Raul of Real Madrid. (refer to the stats of IFFSS)

2) Who is your favourite player?
For now, my favourite player is the goalkeeper, Zhang ChunHui (#23), he can always make unbelievable saves, although he had once been sent to jail, he is still proving himself after the release.

3) How many people watch local football in HK? Is it getting bigger?
Well, I don't know the number clearly, but you may check in the below link

4) Do you have a message for MTU fans?
I know MTU is quite a "legend", promoted from D2 to TPL within 3 years and by the title of Champions. However, I think Mr Rene is speaking too badly of our team. SCAA is always friendly to all teams when they handle the visiting teams' affairs. I don't know why he seems going out to revenge us with what they have in HK.

Some MTU players make me disappointed, playing too dangerous to our player. It could be understanded that if playing unfairly is a streagety, however, they are playing simply too dangerous and it brings harm to the opponent.

I have some memory of an MTU fan. She seemed to miss her MTU player boyfriend too much and she wanted to talk with him after the match in HK stadium. But it's not reasonable for her to reach the barrier. After she tried to do so, a steward stopped her and the man was scolded by the fans. HK people love visitors, but not indicating to let them to do what they like even if it is an offence.

Just like one of the pretty MTU fans said, fans of different team can be friends.


 Thank you to Mak Chung Yin for his time. If you want to talk with fans of SCAA, you can go to their website or if you can't read Chinese, go to their Facebook group

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