Thursday, 1 April 2010

Next up - Navy Rayong

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Navy Rayong, also known as Rajnavy Rayong ('Raj' meaning 'Royal') seem to be one of those 'yoyo' teams that move up or down a division every few years.

Last season, they finished twelfth in the TPL. So far this season, the team have played just one game, going down 1 - 3 away to Pattaya in a local derby.

The club won the Queen's Cup in 2006.

The province:
Rayong is situated on the opposite side of Chonburi from Nonthaburi. Travelling fans face a 192km trip to the Yamaha Stadium. The popular holiday and diving resort of Koh Samet is in Rayong province.

Who to watch:
Long serving striker Somjet Sattabud will be looking to score past the Qulins.  MTU will be boosted by the return of players who were ineligible for the AFC games, such as Christian Kouakou.

I call:
Rayong have not made a lot of improvements in close-season and I expect them to finish mid-table again, so I call 3-1 MTU.

Did you know?:
Rayong have employed a modern and exciting approach to promoting their club by issuing Hollywood style advertisements for their team such as this one:

or this one.

In a far more dull and traditional style, here is a video of Muangthong United winning 4 - 1 against Persiwa.

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