Friday, 5 March 2010

The verdict

H/T to Marco and his translator for this.

The FAT have announced the following punishments for Thai Port.

1. Thai Port must pay for the damage done to Suphachalasai Stadium (131,000b).

2. Thai Port are banned from playing at PAT Stadium for 3 games. The TPL will assign a Stadium to use, and will pay all expenses.

3. All Thai Port fans are banned from PAT Stadium for 3 games.

4. The 10 Thai Port fans who were cited as the ringleaders of the trouble will be banned from PAT Stadium for 1 year.

5. Pongpipat Kamnuan (Thai Port player) given a 3 match ban (possibly a suspended ban?).

6. Sasom Pobpraserd (Thai Port Coach) and Rene Desaeyere (Muangthong United Coach) are banned from the touchline for 3 games.


I agree with Marco when he points out the confusion with points 2 + 3. Hopefully it means TP play three home games at another ground then play three home games without any supporters. Any less would seem too soft.

I also hope the ten ringleaders are banned from all football stadia for one year, not just Thai Port games!

All in all, the Thai FA have handled this reasonably well (as I predicted and explained why). The punishments are considerably lighter than I initially hoped but  the efforts of the Thai Port fan club and the (perhaps slightly less genuine) effort from the Thai Port management in making amends should be taken into account.

Naturally there will be some curiosity in watching these punishments being served but providing that all goes smoothly enough, let's hope that we now have some closure.

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