Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Kawin to the UK? Persiwa to the Thunderdome

With the confirmation that all weekend games are postponed, Muangthong's next opponents will be Indonesia's (relative) heavyweights Persiwa in the AFC tournament.

I know nothing about these guys but this chap almost certainly does. Likewise I know no inoffensive jokes about Indonesia so if you want to try and amuse the visitors, try this and see if they get it. I don't.


Brian Robson has mentioned a couple of times that he'd like Kawin to train with Manchester United. It seems to be cautious encouragement more than anything else but there's no denying the huge potential in this young 'keeper.

I don't want Kawin to go of course but if he must go and if any fan of any other English team wanted to have a chance to get him, they'd have to alert the manager of their team first.......

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  1. erick louis and eddie foday can show a threat for muangthong united. but persiwa's defence is very weak.