Saturday, 6 February 2010

MTU are out

Muangthong lost the second (and final) ACL qualifying game to Singapore Army 4-3 on penalties.

MTU made a very brave effort and can look forward to more ACL action in the years to come.


  1. I didn't realise this tie was only one match?!

    It should either be 2 legs - 1 Home & 1 Away, or 1 match in a neutral country.

    Giving one team home advantange in such an important game is an absolute disgrace.

    Best of luck in the AFC Cup! According to the AFC Cup Wiki page you've got South China (Hong Kong), Persiwa (Indonesia) and VB (Maldives). The Maldives away trip should be good!

  2. There's a draw on Monday to see which group Muang will drop into

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  4. Can 2 teams from the same country be in the same group in the AFC Cup? You'd think not...but you never know with the AFC.

    If they can't, then I think the draw on Monday is a mere formality, because:

    Da Nang won't be able to go into Group F, so they go into Group H.

    Sriwijaya won't be able to go into Group G, so will go into Group F.

    MTU won't be able to go into Group H, so will go into Group G.

    Any clarification on this one Dru?

  5. The AFC have stated their will be a draw, but i'm sure country protection will be used. So your take will happen Marco.

    I think the draw is really for the West Asian side, but AFC need some excuse to gather interest and probably earn more expenses.