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Goktan interview part 2

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How did you get got in contact with Moenchengladbach finally?
Rainer Bonhof wanted to have me, and short before the winterbreak, the manager talked to me whether I could imagine to move on to Gladbach. He said it would be good for me to be with a different club. I could be able to earn match practice. But nowadays, I know, I should stood at Bayern. And develope like Hargreaves or Schweinsteiger over the amateur squad.

In your first match for Gladbach you came in as a substituation against Kaiserslautern.In the second against Frankfurt you started but have been stubstituted. Than you didn't played even for two games.  Against Stuttgart an Nuremberg than you only played limited time as substitute followed by 4 games without any cap. Against Rostock you made you last game for Gladbach. That was it...
The chances I got at the beginning at Gladbach I couldn't use. Soon I realized that Gladbach was the opposite from Bayern. Club wise, level wise, and all the things around the club. I went there in the age of 17 as a supertalent and just wanted to play. But all the other players where fighting for the starting eleven too. I started to feel how hard the comeptition can be. And we where in relegation battle, means the coach Bonhof was under pressure from the media. So Tony Polster in the attack had the priority.

Instead of beeing Champion with Bayern Munich in that season you had been on the last place with Gladbach and they got relegated. How did you felt on the last gameday?
I felt really sorry that we got relegated.Over the last 6 month I realized what kind of fantastic supporters we had. The old Stadium, the Boeckelberg Stadium, was packed on every game, even we where on relegation places. That all was very sad for the Club and the fans.

After sepnding the second half of the season with Gladbach you moved on to Arminia Bielefeld. Why did you got on loan one more time?
Don't ask me that, afterwards you are always know more than before. But that was also one of my  mistakes I made in the past.

In Bielefeld you even didn't made the breakthrough. In the Season 200/2001 you went back to Bayern Munich. What happend to the „unsalable“ (Hoeness), „greates talent since years“ (Beckenbauer)?
Well, that time I felt like the to be the odd one out. Fast I realized that I didn't played a role anymore  for the pros. Of course this was because I coulnd't make the breakthough at Bielefeld and Gladbach. I had to play in the reserve squad. That was really though for me.

According to your Biographie, you are Champion, Cup Winner, Champions League Winner and even Intercontinental Cup winner. All with Bayern Munich. Are you feeling to be a part of these Titels?
No not any. I didn't had anything to do with that.

In the following Season you moved on to Galatasary Istanbul. A big club for a non pro player. Wasn't it?
At this time I was playing in the Nationalsquad of Turkey, and I performed very well. Due to that I became attractive for Clubs in Turkey.

How was your welcome in Istanbul?
It was unbelievable. While I was signing my contract there had been 20 TV cameras around me and a lot of journalist. It was a totally new experiance for me. You have to know that in Turkey, football is number 1. There si nothing else for the people than football. If you walk on the streets, the people recognize you immediately. They invite you for dinner and tee. That was a time, when I personaly felt very well.
In your first year at the Super Lig you had a lot of caps for Galatasary und you became Champion. In your second year, already everything turned down for you.
In my second and third year I only had a few caps at Galatasary. I moved on to Besiktas Istanbul. But the manager wich signed me, was released soon. In the second half of the season I didn't played any big role. I only was brought in sporadically . That destroyed me mentally. I thought, he man you never will play again. You are a substitution guy. With every step I came closer to the ground.

Finally, in 2005 you came bacm to the German Bundesliga and you played for Kaierslautern. But even there you where unlucky with a coach been sacked.
Michael Henke brought me back to Germany that time. I knewed him as assistnat coach of Ottmar Hitzfeld, during my time with Bayern Munich. I talked with him a lot, and he was building me up mentally. Suddenly he had to leave and a new coach was coming. And again I was pushed aside.

How do you feel as a player if a coach is not paying attantion?
At this tme my only backing was my family. The always motivated me and kept me on track. In April I canceled my contract, packed my bag and went back to Munich.

And what you did in Munich?
I tried to keep in shape. I wanted to stay in Germany and offered me to a few clubs in Germany. But soon I realized, that it could be very tough for me. I thought to myself „Nobody wants you“. Not any Club, cause of your bad image. Cause you didnt had apperiances over the last years.

How a footballer without club is able to keep in shape?
On the artificail turf of my first club, I put my brother into the goal and trained with him. We also kicked the ball a few times in the English Garden together with other people. I made one step after the other.  I Listened to the right people. I have nice girlfriend and we complement to one another. Personally I tooked one step further. That had been all kind of things wich pushed me and things which I never had in the past.

After a brief spell with the Amateurs of 1860, you appeared soon for the Pros. In 22 Games you scored 14 Goals in the 2nd Bundesliga. Did you know have the feeling that you arrived as a professional footballer?
Yes, in the second division I arrived. But I am still not be there where I want to be.

Where you want to be?
I want to achieve that, what  ever wanted to achieve. To play on Top Level.

What are your next targets?
For every player it must be the goal to play in the first division. For me it is the same. I want to confirm my performance. And try to go further step by step.

It looks like you learned you lesson. Do you think that the responsible people at Bayern Munich learned from what happend to you? Toni Kroos is your successor in being hyped by Franz Beckenbauer as next Supertalent.

The club learned his lesson. It will not happen a second time. He will make his way there. I  saw him once or twice and he is a realy, realy good player. Left foot, right foot, a good eye. A good playmaker as number 10. Unfortunately I don't know him personally. But I think he is different mindset than I. I was an idiot.

Are you feeling cheated by Bayern Munich?
No, not. It's opposite. I am thankful. They paved me the way and opened up a lot of things for me.
I am quite happy about this experiance.

But it could had become different for you?
Yes, but I have to take blame on me. Me alone.

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