Thursday, 21 January 2010

Farang signs for Muangthong

MTU have pulled off a real suprise signing a former top scorer for 1860 in Germany, by the name of Berkant Gotken. Gotken is a highly rated player who was sacked in Germany after a drugs scandal. Bangkok would seem to be the perfect place for any rehab for this player, as Thailand stil carries the death penalty for drug smuggling.

Seriously, wilkommen to this highly rated European.

h/t Lokomotive on the Thai football forum


  1. Grag, there was a big interview with him in the magazin 11Friends. It is from 2007. It was published on the online issue of 11Friends shortly after his release from 1860. The interview is German only. If you like I might be able to translate it and forward to you for your blog.

  2. Only if you have the time mate :-) This guy is Turkish, right?

  3. Not realy. He is born in Munich, but his parents are from Turkey.

    I realized that first of all, I do need the approval to use and translate the interview. But I already sent an request to 11Friends yesterday.