Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Super Cup

.....has been a flop by most accounts. Few fans have attended and those that have have treated it more as a pastime than a real match to get excited about.

Thong have lost both of their games. I have attended neither but I'll be at the final game tomorrow, simply because I want my little one to be able to attend a Thong game in safety and a half empty  Suphachalasai Stadium seems the best way to do so.

I hope tomorrow will be fun but I also hope the Thai FA learn from the apathy towards the Super Cup. Yes Thai fans love the game, yes Thai teams are starting to gain large support, but that doesn't mean you can throw a few big clubs together in a meaningless set of friendly games and expect the baht to come rolling in just because you call it a 'Super Cup'. Put some effort into arranging these events next time.

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