Wednesday, 7 October 2009

TTM Samut Sakhon Vs Muangthong United

TTM SS (Thai Tobacco Monopoly Samut Sakhon) must surely be Satan's favourite team. After all, they are supported by a business that produces vile poison and actually boasts of being a monopoly!

That such names can exist in football teams is a reminder that the Thai League is still very much a work in progress, but that also adds to the excitement. In any case, the fans of TTM are in fact a friendly bunch who do not live in hell, carry red pitchforks or slaughter small animals in sacrifice.

The team has had some success in the past and this year they have reached the semi-finals of the FA cup. They seem to switch grounds at an amazing rate and have tried three different grounds in the last twelve months. Perhaps this explains why their website features a map of the airport rather than the stadium.

Their joint top scorers are Paul Ekollo and Chatprapob Usaprom.

Who to watch: The aforementioned high-scorers for the home side. For MTU, it will be interesting to see how the players who had quiet games last Sunday such as Yaya and Hattaporn bounce back.

What to watch: A lot of psychology is going on. TTM must have the pressure of an FA cup semi final   spot balanced with a home game against the top side, whilst MTU now must cope with the fact that they can no longer influence Chonburi, and must secure the league title themselves. The squad also looked tired in the second half on Sunday. Their fitness will be crucial for the run-in.

I call: Hmmmm...TTM are a good side and will be up for this one. My heart says 1 -2 to Muangthong. My head says 1 - 1.

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