Saturday, 10 October 2009

My letter

BP didn't publish my letter so I shall post it anywhere and everywhere I can:

Tor Chittinan's article in yesterday's 'Post concerning the security at Muangthong United's Thunderdome Stadium was grossly unfair.

Firstly the writer stated: "Many free tickets were reportedly given out". Where did he get this information? Tickets were given away for games earlier in the season when crowds were far, far lower but not for the Chonburi game, to which he was referring. He also stated: 'tickets should have numbers'. In fact, tickets were strictly regulated and specific allocations were given for sales of each stand.

The 'large number of fans that invaded the pitch' as your writer puts it, were in fact a very, very small number and the police were not 'powerless' at all, they surrounded the small group and sent them back to the stand. As for the new stand, the structure was built hastily but I think perhaps Khun Tor should consult someone qualified to asses the risk, rather than make such sensationalist suggestions as "it could collapse" without merit.

Muangthong United worked very hard to ensure all fans at the match were welcome, happy and safe. Please can your writer conduct more thorough and observant research before producing such unfair criticism next time?

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